Friday, June 26, 2020

Seishan Sidebar: Chinese roots

Seishan clearly came about via Chinese influences on Okinawan te.  Whether or not an exact version of Seishan exists in China seems unlikely, but there do seem to be several candidates for strong influence.  It's hard to get excited about this because there are LOTS of gungfu forms that start with a set of in/out blocks and a punch.

Jesse Enkamp has recently revealed some video from his China studies that shows a form with a great deal in common with Seishan.  I can only assume he was inspired by my lowly blog to share it. ;)

I'd love to see the whole form!

Update: The whole form.  

Having seen this, I think the influences are apparent, but there are lots of other forms with similar movements.  But you know, just as there are several versions of seisan on the tiny island of Okinawa, it could just be that on the mainland, a bigger game of telephone is being played, and different people brought different part of Seisan with them.  Still, this a very interesting form, and nice to see it preserved on video.

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